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Dr. Keith's first novel.


The Battle for Monquash Mountain (2023)

By Kent M. Keith

The town of Monquash sits next to a lake and mountain that are a vision of beauty, loved by residents and visitors alike. When the local electric power company proposes to cut down trees and run a high-voltage power line down the face of the mountain, a small group of residents comes together to stop it. They risk their careers as they move through the legal and political process, losing at each turn, while the power company president attacks them relentlessly. As the final battle is fought on the mountaintop, help comes from unexpected quarters. But will that help be enough?


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More than 250,000 copies of Dr. Kent Keith’s books have been sold around the world. He is known nationally and internationally as the author of the Paradoxical Commandments. His book, Anyway: The Paradoxical Commandments, became a national bestseller and has been translated into 17 languages. He is also known as an expert on servant leadership. His book, The Case for Servant Leadership, has also become a national bestseller.


Over the years, Dr. Keith’s publishers have included Inner Ocean Publishing, G.P. Putnam’s Son, New World Library, Jossey-Bass Publishers, and Terrace Press (the Carlson Keith Corporation imprint). He has published secular and Christian books. His books can be purchased at and as well as and

Here is information about Dr. Keith's books on the Paradoxical Commandments and servant leadership. Please click on the book to purchase.



Anyway: The Paradoxical Commandments: Finding Personal Meaning in a Crazy World (2002)

By Kent M. Keith

In this book, Dr. Keith explains the origin and meaning of the Paradoxical Commandments, which have been used by millions of people all over the world. The commandments are guidelines for finding meaning in the face of diversity. The message is that whatever the world does to us, we still get to choose how to respond, and we can always respond in ways that are meaningful to us. We can find meaning by facing the worst in the world with the best in ourselves.

Do It Anyway: Finding Personal Meaning and Deep Happiness by Living the Paradoxical Commandments (2nd edition, 2008)

By Kent M. Keith

This handbook is a companion to Anyway: The Paradoxical Commandments. It describes how people have used the Paradoxical Commandments to break away from their daily excuses, or a painful past, or a complicated present, to find meaning anyway. This is a practical "how to" book for those who want to put the Paradoxical Commandments into practice in their own lives. The book includes 40 stories about people who are living the commandments; questions for personal reflection and group discussion; and an interview with the author in which he answers the questions he is asked most often about the commandments.


Jesus Did It Anyway: The Paradoxical Commandments for Christians (2005)

By Kent M. Keith

For more than forty years, the Paradoxical Commandments have been used by Christians all over the globe. Mother Teresa thought they were important enough to put on the wall of her children's home in Calcutta. Jesus Did It Anyway illustrates the Paradoxical Commandments through stories and verses from both the Old Testament and the New Testament, the teachings of Jesus and the apostles, and personal anecdotes. The 14-chapter book includes a study guide with questions for each chapter—ideal for discussion groups and Sunday School classes.

Have Faith Anyway: The Vision of Habakkuk for Our Times (2008)

By Kent M. Keith

Have Faith Anyway explores the author's new 11th Paradoxical Commandment: The world is full of violence, injustice, starvation, disease, and environmental destruction. Have faith anyway. To help the reader better understand what it is like to have faith in the face of seemingly insurmountable problems, the author tells the story of the Old Testament prophet Habakkuk, whose vision of a conversation with God led him to an inspiring affirmation of faith even in the face of devastation and death. The book concludes with Keith's own vision of a conversation between a Christian and God today. The book includes a Readers Guide for Reflection and Study.


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The Case for Servant Leadership (2nd edition, 2012)

By Kent M. Keith

The Case for Servant Leadership is an easy-to-read introduction to servant leadership. It describes servant leadership as ethical, practical, and meaningful. The book cites the universal importance of service, defines servant leadership, compares the power model of leadership with the service model, outlines some key practices of servant-leaders, and explores the meaningful lives of servant-leaders. The book includes an appendix on servant leadership compared with other ideas about leadership, as well as questions for reflection and discussion. The book has been used by businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations, hospitals, and more than forty universities around the United States.

Servant Leadership in the Boardroom: Fulfilling
the Public Trust

By Kent M. Keith

This book presents and augments the views of Robert Greenleaf on the opportunity of board members of all types of corporations—for-profit and non-profit—to truly lead and make a difference for their organizations and those their organizations serve. The book provides historical background on the public purpose of all corporations, the responsibilities of board members as trustees for the public good, the unique value of board judgments, the relationship between the board and administration, the role of the Chair, and keys to board effectiveness. The appendix includes key reminders for servant-leaders in the boardroom, a discussion of the shareholder primacy issue affecting for-profit boards, and an overview of servant leadership for those who are new to the subject.


Questions and Answers about Servant Leadership (2012)

By Kent M. Keith

This book shares the questions that Dr. Keith is often asked and the answers that he likes to give when he is making presentations. In some cases, the answers have been expanded for this publication. The book is designed to be especially useful to those who naturally begin with questions, whether they are new to servant leadership or have been on the journey for many years. Where applicable, answers conclude with recommendations for additional reading. A list of all the recommended readings can be found at the end of the text.

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