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Carlson Keith Corporation is a Hawaii corporation supporting the work of Dr. Kent M. Keith and Dr. Elizabeth Misao Keith, a husband and wife team based in Honolulu. The Keiths teach, consult, make presentations, and publish books and materials.


Dr. Kent M. Keith has a law degree and an Ed.D. in higher education. He is a Rhodes Scholar. During his career he has served as an attorney, state government official, high tech park developer, president of two universities, and CEO of two nonprofit organizations. He was raised in six different U.S. states, and has lived in England, Japan, and Singapore. He has made more than a thousand presentations and has published dozens of books and articles. He is known around the world as the author of the Paradoxical Commandments. click for biographical sketch and Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Elizabeth Misao Keith has a Ph.D. in Japanese Literature. She has worked as an interpreter, translator, TV and radio broadcaster, college administrator, and university lecturer. She was born and raised in Japan, and has lived in France and Singapore in addition to the United States. She is passionate about international education. She has taught Japanese language and culture, cross-cultural communication, cultural awareness, and global citizenship at the college level. click for biographical sketch and Curriculum Vitae

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